Le Phénix is halfway between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic coasts and also the same distance from the Pyrenees. It provides a wonderful opportunity to explore the region full of history and delicious local produce, Foie Gras, confit of Duck and Goose and wild mushrooms. The locals will warmly welcome you when you visit the numerous vineyards and the cultural and historical sites.

The ancient town of Rabastens is a typical French town with good amenities for both visitors and its residents alike. The red brick ramparts, dating from the Middle Ages, rise proudly above the river Tarn forming an impressive skyline. They shelter the historical centre of Rabastens, where half-timbered houses rub shoulders with smart townhouses.

The eventful history of Rabastens can be discovered in the Museum of the Pays Rabastinois, just next to the church Notre Dame du Bourg, a stopover on the pilgrims’ path to Saint Jacques de Compostelle, classified World Heritage by the Unesco.

Rabastens has a thriving, and very popular, Saturday morning market which has numerous local producers.

In addition to our own ideas and suggestions, the Tourist Office in Rabastens is a great reference point and is located at the end of the main square.

The lake, Lac des Auzerels, about 4km from Le Phénix, has a fitness trail, cycling and walking path, and fishing.

The riding stables in Rabastens offer daily and weekly beginners and advanced courses for 5 years old and up with both horses and ponies.

There are outdoor tennis courts at Rabastens and Couffouleux and an indoor clay court.

Walkers and hikers are treated to an ancient network of footpaths and trails just begging to be trodden from the very easy (2.5 km) to the hard (26 km)!

There are also numerous cycle routes and golf courses (see golf page) in the local area.

There is an observatory at St Caprais, 2km away for star lovers and in August holds ‘shooting star’ evenings.

For the more adventurous there is ULM flying at Gaillac!

Rabastens has a very reputable ‘cave’ and sells its wines worldwide.  Vineyards abound and Gaillac winemakers have developed a range of quality wines over the years by careful selection of land, grape varieties and vinification techniques. There are plenty of vineyards you can visit.